22 December 2013

Now inbound travel manager in Tokyo at the Japanese travel agency TRAVEL STAND JAPAN

Sébastien Duval enjoying koyo at Nagatoro (Saitama prefecture, Japan) on 30 November 2013.
Since Monday 09 December 2013, I work at the Travel Stand Japan travel agency in 東京 (Tokyo), happily managing the "inbound" business (services for foreign tourists in Japan). I notably analyse the inbound market, propose strategies, investigate special destinations and experiences, establish partnerships, inform travellers, propose selected activities and tours, plan and sell personalized trips, make reservations, translate, advertise, and promote Japan and the Japanese culture abroad.

Being a travel agent here should help me (1) better know Japan and its tourism industry, (2) prepare my 1-year tour around Japan, and (3) make a better world. I will hopefully get foreigners and Japanese to share their best, empower local businesses needing linguistic/cultural support, and channel holiday trips in Japan towards ecotourism and spiritual tourism. To increase my chances, I am already preparing the exam to become a Licensed Interpreter Guide in Japan...

I love the friendly ambiance of Travel Stand Japan, discuss mainly in Japanese with my 3 nice Japanese colleagues and with our partners, speak English and French with our customers (no Korean or Spanish yet), and enjoy the project! Moreover, I can reach the travel agency from home by subway and on foot in 50 minutes, normally work from 09:30 to 18:30 on weekdays, have weekends and Japanese national holidays off, and can buy delicious lunch boxes at the closest convenience store for only 390 yens :)

If you (or acquaintances) plan a trip in Japan or multi-country travel in Asia, ask me for advice/proposals based on my interests, connexions and unique experiences in Japan! Residents and travellers wishing to volunteer in Fukushima/Tohoku are also welcome :)

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