19 April 2007

Publication #12 - Fundamental Needs in Wearable Computing: Specificities for the Third Age

My 4-pages paper "Fundamental Needs in Wearable Computing: Specificities for the Third Age" written with 橋爪宏達 (HASHIZUME Hiromichi) was published at the 9th Virtual Reality International Conference (aka Laval Virtual) the 19 April 2007.

Abstract: Older adults have specific needs reflected by their everyday activities and use of technology. We briefly present elders' cognitive, physical, and sensory characteristics, then describe their impact on fundamental needs. Based on this information, we discuss dedicated services that exploit wearable computers, and the proper design of such systems. Our most significant contribution is to provide the first overview of third age persons' specific needs in wearable computing.

Publication: <http://horizons.free.fr/home/documents/publications/2007-04-19_vric_wearable-third-age.pdf>

Co-author: 橋爪宏達 (HASHIZUME Hiromichi) obtained his Ph.D. of engineering in Japan from the electric engineering section of 東京大学 (University of Tokyo). He is currently professor at 国立情報学研究所 (National Institute of Informatics) in 東京 (Tokyo, Japan).