20 December 2008

Publication #23 - Human Universality in Ubiquitous Computing: Maslow, Where Are You?

My 7-pages paper "Human Universality in Ubiquitous Computing: Maslow, Where Are You?" written with HOAREAU Christian and 橋爪宏達 (HASHIZUME Hiromichi) was published at the 5th International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing the 19 December 2008 (see post on EUC 2008).

Abstract: Too narrow, the productivity-oriented vision guiding ubiquitous computing should be replaced or enriched with humanistic aspects. We discuss the role of Maslow's hierarchy of needs in the creation and adoption of smart spaces, robots and wearable computers worldwide to provide elements for alternative visions of ubiquity. We show that current ubiquitous systems are stratified at the lowest levels of the hierarchy. Based on interviews, questionnaires and experiments, we highlight a positive correlation between the hierarchy of needs and the general public's perception and possible adoption of services. Finally, we discuss implications of these results, and notably the importance of creating humanistic frameworks, services and environments.

Publication: <http://horizons.free.fr/home/documents/publications/2008-12-19_cn_euc_maslow-ubicomp-where.pdf>

Co-author 1: HOAREAU Christian is a Ph.D. student in information science at 総合研究大学院大学 (Sokendai, Japan).

Co-author 2: 橋爪宏達 (HASHIZUME Hiromichi) obtained his Ph.D. of engineering in Japan from the electric engineering section of 東京大学 (University of Tokyo). He is currently professor at 国立情報学研究所 (National Institute of Informatics) in 東京 (Tokyo, Japan).

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